Want Protection While Surfing? A Proxy Server Is Your Friend in Need

A proxy server is basically a software system which acts like an intermediate between any endpoint device and the server which has been requested for a service. One major advantage of proxy servers is that its cache can accommodate the requirements of all users. Private proxy servers are dedicated IPs which can be used by […]

Solar Web Hosting – Help Your Websites Earn More Money

Global warming has emerged as one of the most critical issues of this day in age, and everyone, everywhere needs to do whatever they can to lower carbon emissions and reverse the greenhouse effect. In lieu of the fossil-based energy that pumps gases into our environment, many people and businesses are beginning to use other […]

Discover the Power of ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET is a web application development technology created by Microsoft. Unlike PHP, Python and Perl, it is not a language, but a framework that provides developers with a great deal of flexibility. Based on ASP (Active Server Pages) and Microsoft’s.NET Framework, it is currently used by millions of developers, webmasters and corporations around the world. […]

QuickBooks Online Vs Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

In order to understand the difference between QuickBooks Online and Hosted QuickBooks, we need to know 3 versions of QuickBooks. 1. Desktop QuickBooks 2. QuickBooks Online 3. Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Desktop QuickBooks edition The QuickBooks desktop edition has many features that help you a lot in bookkeeping & maintaining accounts. Inventory tracking, currency calculator, company […]

Benefits of a Managed Dedicated Server For Hosted Services

The managed dedicated server makes a sound investment for an internet-based company. Dedicated hosting is suited for the business that desires more capacity, flexibility, security and authority over their operation. This environment enables a business to run more efficiently because the owner has access to an entire server, giving them major advantages over a situation […]