Domain Name Disputes – What is Cybersquatting?

Learning that a competitor is using a domain name that is identical or “confusingly similar” to yours is a problem frequently encountered in the internet-driven business world of the 21st century. Cybersquatting is the purchase of a domain name in “bad faith.” Usually, “bad faith” is the intention of selling the domain name back to […]

The Cheapest Domain Registration Cum Hosting Website – A Review

This Rolled Cheapest Domain Registration and Hosting Into One I never thought that I would be able to drastically remove the discomfort of engaging with the services of a cheapest domain registration site on one hand and availing the services of the cheapest web hosting provider on the other. I had been in the internet […]

Domain Masking With Forwarding: Disguising Your Affiliate Links

How many times have you seen a blog post, video, or article online that is promoting a business opportunity or product, and then the link they want you to click is an ugly, lengthy link? For many beginner affiliate marketers, this is a routine mistake. Depending on who your mentor is or what marketing program […]

Create Profitable Information Products From Freely Available Public Domain Works

Author Yanik Silver describes an exciting way to create content for your information product that I had not thought much about until reading his book, Moonlighting on the Internet: 5 World-Class Experts Reveal Proven Ways to Make Extra Cash . He recommends cashing in on information in the Public Domain, that is, information that is […]

Best Practices Guide About Domain Names

Domain names are the first step in implementing your Internet marketing business plan. Domain name represents your brand. Many people know very well the importance of brand in the “offline” but even those can make mistakes in their Internet brand management. Domain name is the first step in successful Internet brand management. Choosing a domain […]