Copyright Damages – Domain Name Registration Information Affects the Willful Infringement Analysis

When it comes to claims of cybersquatting, it is relatively understood that providing false Whois contact information is relevant to the bad faith determination under the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). However, it may be less well-known that providing false contact information may also be relevant to a copyright infringement lawsuit. In particular, under the […]

Becoming a Relevant Force for Your Visitors With Personalized Domain Names

The online hemisphere has become common that a lot of suspecting activities are beginning to come under check. So, if you don’t have a standard online practice and etiquette, you may be blacklisted by Google. The reason is that your activities have been examined by the right arms, and your contents are passed unfit for […]

Points You Should Consider for Domain Registration

A domain is an important part of a website. Domain name registration is a significant and primary step in starting an online company. A wrong selected domain can ruin your prestige. An appropriate domain name registration can secure your future success in many ways. Here are some dynamic basics to consider your domain name registration. […]

Client-Server Based EMR Or Web Hosted EMR – Which is Better?

When faced with a choice between client-server based EMR and a web-based or hosted EMR system, what would be the better choice for you? In these tough economic times more and more physicians are finding themselves faced with this critical question that demands a decision. For starters it is a good idea to make sure […]